Cedar Deck Rocker
Size: 34"L x 26"W x 36"H
Price: $395.00
Deluxe Adirondack Chair
Size: 31"x40"x37"
Price: $395.00
Eucalyptus Outdoor Console Table
SKU: EVE 8F00256
Size: 48"x16"x29"
Price: $299.00
Eucalyptus Outdoor Storage Box
SKU: EVE 8F00276
Size: 49"x22"x24.25"
Price: $479.00
Idaho Adirondack Chair
Size: 28"x37.5"x38"
Price: $359.00
Children's Cedar Adirondack
Size: 26"L x 23"W x 26"H
Price: $219.00
Eucalyptus Outdoor Bench
SKU: PH 8F00274
Size: 46.5"x23.5"x35.5"
Price: $396.00
Eucalyptus Side Table
SKU: PH 8F00275
Size: 18"x18"x20"
Price: $129.00
Eucalyptus Outdoor Extension Dining Table
SKU: PH 8F00304
Size: 43.5"x71"x29.5"
Price: $839.00
Eucalyptus Outdoor Bistro Table
SKU: PH 8F00306
Size: 28"x28"x29.5"
Price: $239.00
Eucalyptus Folding Bistro Chairs
SKU: PH 8F00307
Size: 19.5"x22.5"x34"
Price: $139.00
Eucalyptus Outdoor Arm Chair
SKU: PH 8F00308
Size: 23.75"x23.75"x35.5"
Price: $252.00
Eucalyptus Rocker
SKU: PH 8F00395
Price: $369.00
Eucalyptus Round Outdoor Dining Table
SKU: PH-8F00305
Size: 47.25"x47.25"x29.5"
Price: $479.00
Cabbage Hill Cedar Bench
Size: 48"x14"x17"
Price: $245.00
Cedar Swing Stand
Size: 87.5"x44"x75.5"
Price: $675.00
Cabbage Hill Cedar Arm Chair
Size: 28"x25"x33"
Price: $495.00
Cedar Swing
Price: $539.00
Cedar Outdoor Dining Table
Size: 48"x48"x30"
Price: $915.00
Cedar Outdoor Folding Footrest
SKU: TL023
Price: $115.00
Cedar Outdoor Side Table
SKU: TL060
Size: 19x20x16
Price: $138.00
Cabbage Hill Cedar Garden Bench
Size: 4' Long
Price: $775.00

Due to recent fluctuations in the price of wood prices are subject to change. Please call us for prices and any other questions you may have!

Outdoor Furniture in Portland, OR

Your home’s backyard, deck, or patio area shouldn’t go unappreciated or underused. Natural Furniture in Portland can provide you with wood furniture designed to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions while still looking beautiful. From footrests and umbrellas to rockers and tables, outfit your exterior with pieces that will be the talk of your next gathering. All of our works provide you with amazing customization options, such as the wood type and finishes, and they’re high-quality products at affordable prices you can’t get anywhere else.

Chairs and rockers

No outdoor furniture set would be complete without seating. Our Adirondack chairs come in a wide variety of colors—or you can get one unfinished so you can customize it however you like. Relax in style in a classic Adirondack or get a cozy steamer chair to lounge in comfort. We also offer armchairs and simple chairs to fit any style and need.

Natural Furniture also stocks a staple of outdoor furniture: the wooden rocking chair. Our rockers come from prestigious companies, and they’re available in beautiful spring colors or unfinished. Different styles and sizes are available, such as Charleston rockers and jumbo rockers. We also provide Adirondack rockers if you want to go to the next level of luxury with your wood furniture choices.

Accent pieces

Any good outdoor furniture collection will be outfitted with accents. We at Natural Furniture carry umbrellas, umbrella stands, and footrests for outdoor chairs or tables, to add an extra boost of comfort to your deck or patio area. Our umbrellas are large and come in various shapes, and the footrests are cozy and designed to work with various types of chairs, especially Adirondacks.


Our benches are great pieces of wood furniture perfect to complete your outdoor furniture collection. Whether you need a three-person bench or a cozier two-seater, we have jaw-dropping designs suited for any outdoor space, from X-backed to Marlborough style. For an extra wow factor and level of convenience, consider getting one of our benches like this one, with a built-in pop-up table.


Whether or not you’ve got children, swings are fantastic pieces that provide a fun and soothing element to your space. We house a wonderful collection of swings that are sure to draw you outside, with X-backed designs and a variety of sizes. Bring back a piece of your childhood by getting a swing, and spend your evenings gently drifting in your backyard.


If you’ve got an outdoor umbrella or want to have meals or drinks outside, you’ll need one important element of outdoor furniture: a table. Our tables include small side tables designed to go beside outdoor chairs and be durable against the elements, and we also have different sizes of wood tables with umbrella cutouts so you can eat or drink in the shade.

Wood furniture is an excellent option for your outdoor furniture needs because of its durability and ability to provide seating and comfort while staying in tune with nature. Our collections can make your backyard an extension of home, and Natural Furniture gives you the ability to customize your purchase to your heart’s content.